Christian School Education & School Building Construction Project

New Harvest Missions International serves in Muslim regions of West Africa, often left out by the national government or evangelical missions groups. People of these communities, especially church members, come from an Islamic background. They often suffer severe persecution at the hands of their own families and communities. Because of religious discrimination, they often face chronic unemployment and are unable to get their children educated.

Children Sponsorship Ministry - Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope is a children sponsorship ministry operated under the auspices of New Harvest Missions International (NHMI). This ministry is dedicated to ministering to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of children and youth living under extreme poverty. We are committed to changing lives, giving hope and bringing immediate and lasting solutions to children, youth, families and communities living in extreme poverty. We do this by providing basic needs such as education and medical assistance to help children grow up healthy, food, and clothing. The program also helps children develop leadership and economic skills as they learn about God’s love.